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Our Mission

To See Private Schools Succeed

Here at ACSTO, Christian private schools are our passion. It is hard to think of what could be better than seeing children raised up in an educational environment tailored to their needs and founded on Christian principles. That is why our mission, day in and day out, is to help these schools succeed.

This mission guides everything we do. From the values we have, to the projects we undertake, to the legislation we support, everything is geared toward increasing private Christian school enrollment and allowing more and more parents with the option/opportunity to choose a Christian education for their children.

The way ACSTO accomplishes this mission is through the effective implementation of the private school tuition tax credit laws, where we are allowed to accept tax credit donations and use that money as scholarship awards for private schools (and the donors are allowed to claim a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their donation). But this process isn't easy - there is a lot to know about how tax credits work, operational requirements of all STOs, and procedural differences between each STO. That is why ACSTO values accuracy in all its dealings; whether it is the processing of a donation, or giving out information regarding the tax credit law, ACSTO is an organization you can trust. 

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