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Thank you for making a commitment to GRACE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.  Your gift will make an impact on the education of  our students here at GCA. Your gifts, large and small, collectively help to maintain our the school and allow us to complete our mission of being the best academic school in Benson, Arizona. Offering a Christian based education to assist parents in training their children to be Christ-like.

Individual Giving
Corporate Giving

Most families send their children to Grace Christian Academy because they are no longer happy with traditional school system and want a Christian influence in their education.  But for some the cost of tuition exceeds their means. Lack of personal financial resources often discourages a good number of spiritually committed, academically prepared students from attending our school. 

Here at GCA we have established a tuition assistance Scholarship Fund, which offers financial aid to families who qualify. 

By providing assistance to families who otherwise could not give their children a private Christian education, this fund has helped countless parents help cover the cost of tuition. We pray that through our fundraisers, school tuition organizations and the generosity of individual sponsors, the door of opportunity for Christian education is open to more households in the Benson area. 

We appreciate gifts of prayer, volunteers and finances. Financial gifts can be made in the following ways:

We appreciate gifts of prayer, volunteers and finances. Financial gifts can be made in the following ways:
1. Give a Tax Donation:

Your gift to GCA is tax deductible. If you are use to getting a refund, your refund will be BIGGER! If you are use to paying, then you will pay LESS or Nothing at all

Watch the video!

2. Go Shopping

Shop Organic & Toxic Free and all proceeds go to Grace KIDS! 

3. Be A Sponsor


Be a Sponsor for a student tuition. Cash or check donations can be given in person or by mailing to Grace Christian Academy
Attn: Tuition Office
Mailing address: PO Box 1880 

Physical address: 1050 S. Post Rd.

Benson, Az. 85602


4. Business Sponsor
Supporting Programs… Impacting Businesses… Changing Lives

Welcome to the Grace Christian Academy Business Sponsorship Program.  Thank you for your interest in learning more about partnerships.  Businesses, community organizations and parents can use this site to access information on how to partner with

Grace Christian Academy.


Frequently Asked Questions


What  does GCA give back to our business partners?

Our school can help promote your businesse in many ways. We promote your business through our newsletters , our Web site,  we shine the spotlight on your business at parent-family functions./community events and via our facebook page. We have used our facebook page and website to thank community businesses for special donations. to our school and students.. We also have an outreach here at GCA with the faith based community. and our local legislators as well. If you have any other ways we can help you please just let us know.  

How can a business partner with the GCA?

Businesses can partner in a number of ways to help support our children and families. Businesses can support our school through sponsorships for our students to attend school here. Our families our required to pay a monthly tutition based on their income. This does not usually meet their full tution here at GCA. by sponsoring a student's scholarship you help take the load off our families and allow them the opportunity to get an education they could not get else where in our community. We are open to creative and interesting ideas your business may have to partner with the Grace Christian Academy. 

Why should you partner with our school?

As a private school, we do not receive any funding from government sources, either federal or state. Public schools receive $9,318.00 per student per year from state and local taxes.  This makes them obligated to teach Common Core and other federal mandates. Grace Christian Academy is funded by generous people like you. We charge tuition on a sliding scale, based on the family's income and scholarships from a private, non-profit school tuition organization, benefiting from the Arizona State Tax Credit program. We are able to keep the tuition affordable through the Tax Credit Scholarships and generous donations from private sources.


As a business owner and community leader, you understand the value of character and skills training. That is why we are asking for your support, either through a direct, non-taxable donation, or through a donation to a school tuition program, for which you will receive an Arizona income tax credit.

How can I get information about speaking or presenting to students?

GCA is always looking for professionals to speak to our students in middle school and high school for a variety of projects including career days.  Students enjoy hearing messages from a very diverse group of community volunteers on the importance of continuing their education, goal setting, overcoming obstacles, and making plans for their future. If you are interested in speaking or presenting on a particular topic, please feel free to reach out to us. 



How can I volunteer?

GCA is always in need of volunteers. Volunteers can always call the school directly to express interest in volunteering at our school.  

How can I sponsor a student, event or program?

There are always events happening at GCA and our partnering sponsors can play a very meaningful role in making our program successful. If you are interested in sponsoring a student's tutition, an event, or program we have here please contact Dee Vaughn or Pastor Lupe Diaz. at 520.586.2358 to discuss your idea. 

How do I donate goods and materials the school?

Grace Christian Academy is always interested in receiving donations, but needs vary depending on the grade level and school needs.  If you have a donation and would like additional assistance, please feel free to contact us at 520.586.2358

Interested in becoming a Business Sponsor

Click here for our Business Sponsor Memberships

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